Should We Reuse The Water Coming Out Of The RO Water Purifier s Drain

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When passing through the filter element of the RO water purifier, in addition to pure water that can be drunk directly, there is also the amount of water that cannot pass through the 4th filter called wastewater or remaining water. So, is the remaining water coming out of the water purifier's drain line be reused? Let's go with Dien may GREEN to find the answer to this question!
1 Wastewater from RO water purifier be used?
Currently, on the market, there are two main water filtration technologies that are RO technology and Nano water filter technology.
RO water filtration technology helps clean a variety of all different water sources.
Should wastewater from RO water purifiers be reused?

However, when operating RO water purifiers, for every 10 liters of filtered water, you will get 6 liters of pure water and 4 liters of wastewater.

According to experts, wastewater from RO water purifiers can be reused. Because this is the wastewater of RO membrane, not ordinary wastewater.

In addition, the RO membrane of the water purifier stands at 4th place in the water filtration system. Inlet water, after going through the first three filters, has been treated with residue> 1 micrometer (0.001 mm) and odor, ... When reaching the RO membrane, the purified water passes through the membrane into the flask ... the rest carry bacteria, harmful micro-minerals through the wastewater passage out.
Should wastewater from buy ro purifiers water purifiers be reused?

2Use wastewater from RO water purifier in a way that is safe for health
Thus, the water part of the filter will be cleaner than the inlet water because it has passed through the first 3 filters of the machine. However, do not use that water for cooking and drinking because there may exist many types of viruses less than 1 micro in size that still exist in the water and heavy metals have not been filtered out.

Should wastewater from RO water purifiers be reused?

You can use the remaining water coming out of the RO water filter drain hose for household cleaning such as mopping floors, emptying the toilet, watering plants, laundry ... or returning to the storage tank, but Should not be used for long periods of time.

Should wastewater from RO water purifiers be reused?

The reuse of wastewater for each purpose still depends on water sources. If the input source is tap water, the wastewater source is quite clean. But if your family's input source is well water, it also depends on many factors such as alum, iron, manganese, ... of that water source. And note that with well water, it should not be used to wash clothes, it stains clothes, discolor ...

Should wastewater from RO water purifiers be reused?

You should use a plastic container to store the wastewater, because the wastewater from the water purifier contains a lot of acids, so it should not be stored in the stainless steel water tank. If your skin is sensitive, when using this water should wear gloves to avoid allergic reactions.