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Europe satellite orthographic.jpg Region 1950 2015 2040 United Nations population prospects:


Germania 170 million 200 million 200 million
& Pakistan
125 million 650 million 880 million
Africa 225 million 1 250 million 2 150 million

The Germanic peoples of Europe are only 2% of the world's population. Our nations and peoples themselves represent unique cultures and identities in the world, and needs our active protection from the efforts of globalisation. We do not require the presence of the rest of the world in Germania; neither the violent & oppressive, religious-political organisation of Islam, nor the ethno-networking Jew's corruption of organisational and spiritual life.

Third world immigration to Europe has been a catastrophe; our welfare states are breaking, muslim immigrants are largely unemployed, and non-western citizens are significantly overrepresented in violent crimes, including assault rapes. The sane act is to demand a worker-, student- or tourist visa before entry to Europe, but our bureaucratic institutions continue adhering to the delusion of cultural/economic liberalism. Only conscious awareness of the negative effects of patterns make us alter them, and Zuzug.info wishes to serve this purpose by gathering statistics on the effects of mass immigration.

We advocate 1) VISA ENTRY for anyone wishing to enter our nation states, 2) the categorical wegzug of all illegal immigrants, as well as 3) dissolution of the European Union, 4) institutional separation from the interventionist Americano-Zionist empire mainly through disbandment of NATO, and 5) boycott of all Americano-Zionist media corporations.

The chart

Country Population Muslims (percent) Jews (per mille) Crimes by non-Europeans help catalogue the crimes in your country
Germany 80 000 000 6% 2‰ Crimes in Germany due to mass immigration
England 55 000 000 5% 5‰ 1 678 Crimes in England due to mass immigration
Netherlands 16 000 000 6% 2‰ Crimes in Netherlands due to mass immigration
Sweden 10 000 000 4% 2‰ Crimes in Sweden due to mass immigration
Austria 8 000 000 8% 1‰ Crimes in Austria due to mass immigration
Switzerland 8 000 000 5% 2‰ Crimes in Switzerland due to mass immigration
Flanders 6 500 000 8% 4‰ Crimes in Flanders due to mass immigration
Denmark 5 700 000 4% 2‰ Crimes in Denmark due to mass immigration
Norway 5 300 000 4% 0‰ Crimes in Norway due to mass immigration
Luxembourg 500 000 3% 2‰ Crimes in Luxembourg due to mass immigration
Iceland 300 000 0% 0‰ Crimes on Iceland due to mass immigration
Faroe Islands 51 000 0‰ 0‰ Crimes on Faroe Islands due to mass immigration
Åland Islands 29 000 0‰ 0‰ Crimes on Åland Islands due to mass immigration
Shetland 23 000 0‰ 0‰ Crimes on Shetland due to mass immigration
200 million

Noteworthy video on African migration to Europe:

"Contradictions, myths and misconceptions" by Christopher Horwood (coordinator at Regional Mixed Migration Secreteriat, Nairobi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO8mp4nQkX4&list=WL